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He calls you using your totem I might be a modern woman who is up to date with the latest trends but believe me you I still know my culture and value it immensely. Yes, call me sweetheart, pumpkin, babe and any other similar name but the man truly after my own heart. On the surface one might think this to be a very shallow reason.

A pet name is just but too petty to be a reason why one would date from a certain nationality, right? Well this goes beyond just the name someone calls you by. Allow me to explain: In as much as we are becoming more modern, adopting Western culture at a faster rate than previous generations and generally becoming more tolerant to other cultural norms, we still do have our roots firmly cemented to some stubborn traditions. No matter how tolerant we become as we interact with and adopt other ways of doing things, certain things will not be as easily eradicated.

Hence the need to have a partner who will resonate with you on the same wavelength. This also could lead to future decisions such as how to raise your kids, which religion to believe in and even how to relate to each other as a couple. His ambition Work ethic without ambition would only make one the perfect employee. Actually not perfect but just an employee. Ambition, I believe is: The desire to better oneself desire for emancipation. The determination to not be satisfied with the mediocre As a result, ambition becomes the driving force which fuels ones creativity leading to the recognition and eventual exploitation of opportunities.

Since ambitious men are game changers by default, it is only natural for them to refuse to live ordinary lives. Audius Mutawarira and Decibel the Zimbabwean born musicians currently based oversees whose names have become synonymous with memorable audio treats and Oliver Mtukudzi who makes amazing musical sentences and melodies. His comic side Chief amongst the attractive traits that I look for in a man is his ability to make me laugh.

Laughter is in most cases the best medicine. Women love a man who is able to dissolve the tension in a situation through comic relief. Zimbabweans are a nation of comedians. Because technically, they have to sit on it! Men on the other hand have to lift it in order to use it. If he is man enough to lift the seat, he should be man enough to put it back down? Talking while brushing your teeth It takes less than five minutes to brush ones teeth and brushing and trying to converse definitely falls into that category of most annoying things people do.

It seems so unnatural. It seems that toothpaste is a brain stimulant that automatically jars the memory just at that point when the mouth is filled with that frothy substance whose main aim is to cleanse the mouth. Chewing with mouth open Men seem to do this a lot. It is right up there with burping out loud and spitting for no apparent reason. We all know that digestion begins in the mouth but a demonstration of that truth is really not necessary, especially during dinner.

Close mouth and chew. It is that simple. It makes the meals more enjoyable and makes you seem more human. Doing a comparison to other women There is nothing worse that a man can do than to compare his woman to another woman, especially to his mother. It is annoying as it is frustrating. Men, in fact people on a whole, need to recognize that everyone is different hence their methods of doing things will be different. How else will we truly know someone unless we accept them wholeheartedly, flaws and all?

Taking credit where it is not due This goes hand in hand with not owning up to errors. They will be advised about something and when they eventually do it, they take full credit. Even if the woman was the actual guide every step of the way. Men need to realize that this only makes women want to shy away from supporting them and being their trusted advisors. Urging you to get dressed Now if you want her to look her best, why deny her of the privilege?

Surely men know that to get fully dressed, including getting hair and make-up done, does not happen at the casual wave of a magic wand? Surely they understand that is a process that has to be undertaken with care and precision?

Zimbabwean men

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