First Date Table Manners

It's a stylish touch. Ensure she gets home safely by seeing her into her ride and asking her to let you know when she is home. An intoxicated date is unattractive and unhelpful company. The greatest compliment you can give a person is your undivided attention. Feel free to get the door for him or her and if they get there first. A simple "thank you" is appropriate.

Don't gush -- you always hold the door or have others hold it for you. Respond to compliments with a simple "thank you". With your outfit choice, leave something for the imagination. If it's a special occasion, choose one feature to accentuate -- legs, shoulders, decolletage, but never all three. If you are uncomfortable with your date picking up the bill, offer to get dessert or cocktails at a new venue. Keep your phone on silent and out of sight. The most interesting person is right in front of you.

Tim Robberts Unless you're showing your date a cute cat video, get off the phone. When it comes to eating on a date, Musson has a few top tips, as well as some very clear no-nos. Opting for a more relaxed date can help ease the nerves and take off the initial pressure and awkwardness. Ascent Xmedia If you don't want the awkwardness that comes with a fancy dinner, bypass it and choose a more casual venue.

As for food faux pas on a first date, Musson said there's one in particular which everyone should avoid at all costs. Never lick your knife, no matter how good the gravy. Don't try to impress the waiter. They are there to help -- ask their opinion if you're not sure. Don't play with your hair, nails, face or phone at the table. Keep the table top clear.

Pause during the meal, it's not a race. You should put your cutlery down every three mouthfuls. When it comes to eating your meal, doing so in a way that is polite can sometimes be difficult, especially when burgers, pizza, spaghetti, leafy salads, spicy food and nachos are on the menu. Utensil Confusion When I go to fancy restaurants I'm confronted with a confusing array of forks and glasses. My only hope is to watch how other people use their utensils.

I believe you're supposed to start from the outside and work in. I'm also guilty of grabbing the wrong water and wine glass at round tables. Eating Manners Apparently, I eat bread like a Cro-Magnon man. A friend noticed me eating pieces of bread when we were out to dinner without breaking it into smaller pieces first. She pointed out my faux-pas but all I thought was, who wants to waste time doing that?

Another friend tells me keep in mind only women give me a hard time about my manners that I put my face too close to the bowl when I'm eating soup. Soup is my favorite food, so why wouldn't I want to stick my face in it? Talking With My Mouth Full Talking with your full creates all sorts of problems. Not only is it a visibly bad habit, but you might spit food on your date, and it makes you speak in an incomprehensible language.

Sometimes you can't help it , but leaving your date alone at the table for long periods of time is rude. Using the Phone Talking to your friends on your phone, even if it's via text, makes you look disconnected and bored with your date. Rude Ordering Behavior First you have the classic: Then, you have a number of obnoxious behaviors such as mistreating servers or trying to be cool by sending wine back even though you're not sure why you did it.

A friend of mine told me that ordering wine by the glass instead of by the bottle is a dealbreaker as well. I would have never thought that.

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