New York Flirt Bars

Only a few feet from the waterfront, pansexual and sometimes underage partygoers converse over cigarettes outside, and get sweaty to eclectic pop songs on the small dance floor. It has seen several incarnations: In the early noughties it was arguably the defining hipster hang-out, earning international attention and internet mockery. Or at least trying to. Brooklyn-based New Yorkers and low-key visitors might find the space over-the-top. Tan seventies-style couches, dark floors, celebrity patrons like Madonna, and an expensive drink menu are all present at the sizable space.

Well, Madonna's presence isn't guaranteed. But Le Bain's romance-ready, degree views of Manhattan and New Jersey — particularly lovely from its 2, sq ft terrace or from its floor-to-ceiling windows — are unbeatable. It's a tiny watering hole with the feel of a cheap, old New York apartment, lit by a few red bulbs. The spot hasn't changed much since it opened: Stay late enough, and the boite can have a decidedly David Lynch-like feel — disarmingly small, green and red, and stuck in the 90s — but the friendly female bartender is far less harrowing than a Lynch character.

Operated by popular restaurateurs April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, taxidermy raccoons and big leather seats are scattered throughout the spacious room which also serves as the actual hotel lobby , and the place quickly fills up with sophisticated, foreign hotel guests and generally deep-pocketed Manhattanites alike. Together, they all sip local beers in the dim light, surrounded by plush pillows, green lanterns, and scattered old books.

A smaller, less cluttered space downstairs is reserved for performances and private parties. With its frat-house atmosphere, it's a great place for casually meeting former jocks and hotties with bodies; you can pull a barstool right next to a cute guy to initiate conversation. Full of music, chatter, and the background noise from the games, the Village Pourhouse is no place to be shy. The boys here can't resist a girl who likes sports, so put on a jersey of your favorite team, your sexiest smile, and you'll have no problem finding a fellow Mets fan to commiserate with or a Jeter fan with whom you could grow old bashing the Red Sox with.

If so, Happy Ending lounge on the Lower East Side is teeming with hipsters and artist types. An ironic combination of seedy and charming, the place is filled with tacky, sparkling tables, tall horseshoe booths, a ceiling lit up with violet light beams and the loud pumping beats offered by the late night DJs.

And for the single ladies out there, this is a perfect mixture for one thing, and one thing only This sexy, sweaty dance spot promises a plethora of mustache-sporting, tight-jean wearing, ironic t-shirt donning men to choose from. Dark romance broods in this modern speakeasy lounge. Cold granite, warm velvet, and crystal chandeliers over-head are only a few of the things that make this place so unique.

Gourmet food and crafted cocktails by qualified mixologists make for a killer experience. The ambient jazz and prohibition-era atmosphere is truly one-of-a-kind, and the no-standing policy ensures that you'll have the chance to sit yourself across from a true renaissance man; just try not to pinch yourself when you get the creepy feeling he might be too perfect.

Great Bars to "Man-Hunt" in NYC

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